The God Father cocktail is a sophisticated, yet simple recipe. It consists of just two ingredients: scotch whisky and amaretto

There are very few drinks that can really withstand the test of time as a class act. The Old Fashioned, the Manhattan, and of course the martini are staples in the world of both old films and timeless traditions that are still just as relevant today. In the midst of these classic cocktails, it’s easy to overlook some great, albeit lesser-known ones like the God Father. If you’re looking for a drink you ‘can’t refuse,’ look no further than the God Father Cocktail. Mixing class and sophistication with just a few simple ingredients, this is truly a drink you’ll love to sip after a long day of work. After all, sometimes it’s the simplest of ingredients that make the best drinks, and this is no exception. It’s impossible not to feel a little powerful with an Old Fashioned glass in your hand. Just two simple ingredients really make this drink work.

This cocktail is made up of scotch whisky, and amaretto (though Bourbon may be substituted for the whisky in some occasions). It’s difficult to imagine anything classier for a drink so appropriately named. The God Father is perfect for parties, because it can make anyone look like a professional bartender in an instant. It’s also a great way to unwind in the evening and really treat yourself to something special, especially if you’re a Vito Corleone fan. So, whether you want to impress your friends with your classic cocktail knowledge, make the perfect night cap for a date, or just enjoy fine spirits expertly combined served the right way, this is the drink for you. Serve it up on the rocks for a traditional take on a classic cocktail, and be sure to add this drink to your arsenal, because it is definitely one that will truly never go out of style.

What you need to make the God Father cocktail

For the drink

How to make

  1. Fill an old fashioned glass with ice and add the scotch whisky and amaretto.
  2. Gently stir and serve.